Every Dollar Counts: Taking on Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Duration: 1 hour

In a time when state and local governments everywhere are facing tough budget cuts, every dollar counts. Fraud, waste, and abuse are consuming billions of dollars of vital resources that cannot be spared, especially at such a critical time. Technology can play a powerful role in the fight against fraud, waste, and abuse in government and education. New tools can improve data quality, help to connect disparate agency data sets, and enable more accurate communications. The result of these technologies is a positive impact on your agency’s bottom line.

Join GOVERNING and Pitney Bowes Business Insight an interactive Webinar on this critical topic. 
You will learn:

•    How to uncover the hidden causes of fraud, waste, and abuse
•    What you can do to make an impact in your own organization
•    How to make the case for action to your leadership team
•    Which types of solutions are becoming recognized as best practices
•    How technology plays a critical role in solving the problem

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