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GOVERNING Daily | View Sample Daily provides a quick scan of the day's headlines, as well as original and breaking news of special interest to state and local government readers. Featured content includes posts from the new GOVERNING Data and GOVERNING Election Center 2012, and noteworthy events from the weekly Daybook.
GOVERNING Insider | Monthly | View Sample
Featuring the month's top stories, INSIDER also includes vital, early details about upcoming coverage, online and in-person events and learning opportunities of interest to the state and local government community.
Better, Faster, Cheaper | Monthly | View Sample
Previously titled "Efficiency," this newsletter delivers innovative ideas for governments looking to provide public value while lowering the cost of services. Better, Faster, Cheaper offers insights on a variety of performance-based topics from some of the most influential public-sector thought leaders writing today, including former Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith and other experts from the Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.
Finance | Twice Monthly | View Sample
Written by GOVERNING's award-winning correspondent Penelope Lemov, each issue of the Finance newsletter features in-depth analysis of budget policy, bond financing, public pensions and more. Together with links to related news and analysis, the newsletter also frequently features the latest Public Money column from GOVERNING contributor Girard Miller, a senior strategist at the PFM Group with 30 years of experience in public finance and investments. A former GASB board member, Miller was also a Janus mutual funds and ICMA Retirement Corp president and has authored 12 publications in the field, including Investing Public Funds.
Health | Monthly | View Sample
Authored by GOVERNING contributor David Levine, the Health newsletter offers expert analysis on the top health-care issues facing states and localities, from costs, delivery, financing and technology to ways government can promote prevention and encourage healthy living. Recent in-depth stories appearing in the newsletter include "Thinking through Health Exchanges," "Health Reform's IT Challenge" and "Ending Medicaid as We Know It." Each issue also compiles the best reads in health news and research from a wide range of sources, and all of it is linked to a resource-rich health section on
Human Services | Monthly | View Sample
In the Human Services newsletter, GOVERNING' executive editor Jonathan Walters offers an overview of developments and issues relating to the delivery of social services such as welfare and health care. Recent features include an analysis of task-based approaches to managing human services casework loads; and an examination of states' growing need to simplify and streamline the process of applying for health and human services benefits.
Management | Twice Monthly | View Sample
GOVERNING's Management newsletter delivers exclusive features by management experts Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene. Contributions also include columns by government finance and benefits expert Girard Miller and government management consultant and author Ken Miller. The newsletter also links to more management news and analysis from our own staff writers as well as contributors at Harvard and Pew .
Public Workforce | Monthly | View Sample
Authored by GOVERNING contributor Heather Kerrigan, the Public Workforce newsletter identifies significant developments and trends in areas related to human resources and workplace practices-from the challenge of dealing with the looming wave of public-sector retirements to the difficulty of recruiting talent from the next generation of government employees. The material is supplemented by GOVERNING's own reporting and analysis on our website.
Technology | Twice Monthly | View Sample
The GOVERNING Technology newsletter delivers exclusive, in-depth stories on information technology in government with a focus on topics such as management, financing, security and the latest trends in digital service delivery. Written and edited by Associate Editor Jessica Mulholland, who is also associate editor for Government Technology and Public CIO, the newsletter links to more technology news for states and localities on Recent stories include "Florida's Emails Move to the Cloud," which examines the security and implementation challenges involved with cloud computing, and "CIOs Top Challenges in 2012."
Sustainability | Monthly | View Sample
The new GOVERNING Sustainability newsletter features the latest news on the people, policies and programs that are helping to create a new generation of sustainable, smart, more livable communities. The issue intersects with a wide range of policy areas, from energy and the environment to transportation, technology, infrastructure, urban planning, and economic development. Written by GOVERNING contributor Tom Arrandale, stories will look at innovative developments with smart systems, such as grids, water, transportation and buildings, as well as with infrastructure investment and financing, among other topics. Our editors will also monitor federal trends and policies and their potential impact on states and local governments