The Value of Business Intelligence in Transportation Project Management

Duration: 1 hour

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The North Carolina Department of Transportation is in charge of a large transit system that comprises 78,000 miles of roadway, 74 public airports, public transportation systems in all 100 counties, two major passenger train routes, statewide bicycle routes and ferry service along eight coastal routes. To best manage and analyze the multitude of ongoing transportation projects across the state, NCDOT has turned to using business intelligence to ensure that projects are completed on time, on budget and meet necessary goals.

Join GOVERNING on for this one-hour Web event that spotlights how governments can successfully use business intelligence to visualize, analyze and report on projects across multiple departments and agencies.

This in-depth discussion will focus on:

  • How the North Carolina business intelligence dashboard works
  • Why North Carolina moved to a business intelligence program to help manage DOT projects
  • The benefits of using business intelligence in project and portfolio management


    Gary Thomas
    IT Director
    North Carolina DOT

    Jill Stewart

    SAP User Experience Manager
    North Carolina DOT

    Tim Frost

    SAP Netweaver Platform Manager
    North Carolina DOT

    Sherry Amos
    Executive Director
    Public Services Industry Strategy
    SAP Public Services

    Josh Goodman
    Staff Writer
    GOVERNING (moderator)

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