Smart, Sustainable, Livable Communities: Plans, Projects and Key Market Drivers

April 12, 2011
2:00 pm ET | 11:00 am PT
Duration: 60 minutes

Gain insights on the green government market!


GOVERNING is hosting a free webinar about the specific plans and projects underway across the states and localities.  You will learn about opportunities in: 

  • Green Fleets
  • Green Purchasing
  • Energy efficiency
  • Commercial recycling efforts
  • Economic development and job creation
  • Transportation
  • Water Planning and Water Efficiency

Don’t miss the critical conversation that is happening throughout the nation.

  • 80% of voters nationwide agree that sustainable communities are an important part of rebuilding the national economy.*
  • 84% of Americans believe that our country is too dependent on oil.*
  • 75% of Americans agree that infrastructure spending on roads, trains and buses creates jobs and helps the economy get stronger.*

*Source: Building for the 21st Century: American support for sustainable communities, a national opinion survey


Dan Gilmartin, Executive Director & CEO, Michigan League of Municipalities


Yvonne Hunter, Program Director, Climate Change Program, Institute for Local Government


Bob Graves, Senior Fellow, Sustainability Advisor, GOVERNING Institute 


Marina Leight, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, GOVERNING


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