Next Generation Court Management and Cutting-Edge Law Enforcement

1 hour

Wherever you serve in the justice and public safety world, you are facing rising caseloads and tighter budgets. We have made the easy changes, and yet the gap remains. Many jurisdictions are taking radical steps to balance their budgets – cutting the court docket, leaving judicial vacancies unfilled, and laying off police officers. These types of moves don’t solve the core problem, and they risk the safety and security of the communities we serve.

What if there was another way? What if simple-but-powerful technology could allow us to cut paperwork, save staff time, immediately issue search warrants, and cut down on dangerous prisoner transport? If the experience of some innovative jurisdictions is a guide, this might just be possible.

You will learn how to:

  • Respond to national trends in courts, corrections, and policing
  • Use secure virtual communications to replace in-person meetings
  • Support video arraignment and judicial conferencing
  • Share documents and collaborate online


The event includes a special video presentation that demonstrates how the San Antonio, Texas, courts and SAPD used virtual technologies to issue near-instant search warrants and cut costs.


Featured Speakers:


John Miri
GOVERNING magazine
Former Director of E-Government
State of Texas

Emily Timmerman
Adobe Connect Solutions Consultant

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